Joe Bradley

Joe Bradley’s entry into photography isn’t exactly an uncommon story. He took a few photo classes in high school and when it was time to go to college Joe decided to make it his major. Joe grew up with photography in the family. His dad carried a camera everywhere they went and Joe followed along. He fell in love with the medium during school and his desire to pursue photography was “insatiable.”

Like so many other photographers, it was following a calling and taking a leap
of faith that led Joe to a new-found career as a professional photographer. Today
Joe is a professional photographer based North of Columbia, Mo. His unique
approach to creating a more personal client / photographer relationship, a true
passion for working in photography, and a keen sense of building a strong brand
has driven his photo business success.

Joe’s philosophy is built upon what he would expect as a client:

Treat all people as personal friends
Deliver exceptional photography and service
Offer customization to make planning easy
Provide only heirloom-quality products

“I want my clients to feel like I have given them a gift, to the extent they forget
they paid me. I think it just might be working too.”